I got the idea for StrangeBanana when I read in Wired Magazine about a software program called n_gen which creates random images. It's a really fascinating program, which unfortunately is no longer free to us.

I was also inspired by the ColorMatch program which won first prize in the Danish 5K Awards 2002 (which is a competition on creating the most interesting webpage with only 5 kilobytes). Creating matching colors was one of the harder parts of creating StrangeBanana (and something which could definitely be improved in a newer version).

If you also want the content of your website to be random, you can create random fake latin and use it on your pages (e.g. for a demonstration).

I don't think there exist something exactly like this site (which generates random graphic webpage designs), but the net contains lots of other sites which creates random stuff: Leon's Random Generators.

The css Zen Garden also creates different stylesheets for the same page, but those stylesheets are created by people.

I am a strong believer in using standards for webdesign. I used XHTML 1.0 and CSS for StrangeBanana. This means that the StrangeBanana website and the designs creates by StrangeBanana can be used on all modern browsers, and can easily be used and modified by anyone (at least anyone that knows CSS). You can read about web standards, and how and why to use them at If you don't know enough about CSS, read the complete CSS Guide from StyleMaster. If you already know some CSS but needs to take the last step and learn how to use CSS instead of HTML tables for layout read A List Apart's article A CSS Redesign in Five Easy Pages.

If you are creating a new website you are creating, there are several other tools here.

Or go here: GeoURL if you want to see other sites which are geographically close to mine!

Oh, just one more thing: