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This page design is created by the StrangeBanana Style Generator

StrangeBananaThe StrangeBanana Style Generator creates random webpage designs. The page design you are looking at has never been seen before - it was created programmatically through dynamic css just now.

Some are ugly, some are mediocre and some are really nice! If you were lucky and got a good one, you can use the design for your own website.

Reload this page to get a new random design (you can also just refresh the page with F5 or the browser button).

CSS and styles

Beatiful CSS design and inspiration at CSS Zen Garden and CSSBloom. Color match generator that helps you pick colors for your website.

About the links

The links in the menu and the bread crumb trail (that's the links which shows where in the site you are) does not go anywhere, they just reload the page. They are just there to make the page look like a typical webpage. The real links are here: How to use this webpage design on your own page (make sure to save the current page before you follow the link), Frequently asked questions, StrangeBanana frontpage

Other random generators

Fake random identity, Random fake Latin, Other random generators.

Another great generator idea, which is not really random is identicons, which are beautifyl icons created from IP-numbers.

How can you use the graphic design created by StrangeBanana for your own website?

You need to know some HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to implement on your own website the graphic design created by StrangeBanana. If you've worked with HTML and CSS you will probably be able to figure out what to do just by looking at the sourcecode (both HTML and CSS) on the generator page. Basically, you have to do two things:

For more details, go to the detailed explanation of how to use the graphic design for your own website

More answers in the FAQ.